National Taiwan University Shanfu was first founded in the 1970's and offering services in 5 Bunun tribes in the mountains of Taitung County until the 1990's. Twenty years later, when former members of Shanfu returned to the tribes and discovered that there were still people who would like Shanfu activities back in the villages, they regrouped college students and came back against all odds. In the summer of 2012, the club was re-founded in National Taiwan University with its original name, continuing its original task: linking college students to these villages and forming lifelong bonds. NTU Shanfu organizes lectures and group meetings during the semester and one-to-two-week summer/winter camps in Hsinwu, Wulu, Lidao and Chiana tribes during vacation time. It is a place where students not only connect to aboriginal villages, grow with tribal children and enhance oneself through the contents of a semester, but also find true, close, and heartwarming friends for a lifetime.